Extract from The Death of Mira

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When we emerged to the surface finally, there was a stillness in the night. I shivered from the cold and Mira held me close tdeath of mira covero her body. In that moment, I could so easily imagine this – our lives drawn together forever – blissfully living in the ocean. I didn’t fear it anymore – not when it was home to the person I loved the most in the world. Not when she trusted it with such intensity. I couldn’t fear it anymore. I still wasn’t comfortable with it but there was certainly no fear instilled in me anymore. But I suppose bliss ends as quickly as it begins – perhaps to balance out the universe, although I don’t believe in things like that anymore. Maybe I did back then, when I was young and in love and naïve. I am still in love, but simply have an entirely different perspective of the world – a perspective that is always changing and never settling.

That night, Mira and I were happy – we were peaceful. I felt at peace. I felt more loved and more comfortable than I had in my entire life. But it was taken away as soon as it had come. We turned back to the shore for me to go home and for Mira to see me off. But as soon as I gingerly stepped onto the sand – before I could even turn back to Mira, before either of us could utter a goodbye – they came out of nowhere. Everything was a blur. Nothing made sense. There were voices and blackness and I tried to fight off whatever – whoever – it was that was touching my hands, dragging me away. I could feel the sand against my legs, against my feet. It hurt to be screaming against it and I screamed but there was a hand over my mouth. I couldn’t scream. There was a scream trapped inside my body and there was darkness everywhere.


Extract from the novel I’m currently working on…

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Hey guys! So in my last post, I let you know that I had started work on a sequel to one of my NaNoWrimo novels and so far it’s been going well. I’m pretty happy with it. So here’s the opening few paragraphs from it:

The first time Ishtar called me “Ana,” as we traversed between each other’s minds and I attempted to teach her the tricks that my mother had taught me once upon a time, I recalled a memory that made me a little sad. The the Causememory was nothing complicated, probably the simplest memory my mind has retained. After all, it was retained by a child’s mind, barely developed. It’s a memory of the science facility, but a surprisingly pleasant one. In it, I remember the whitewashed walls of the science facility and the dim glow of the light above me. And I remember lying on my mother’s lap as she ran her fingers through mine. I had been crying because my eyes were puffy and red, and every once in a while I would stop and sniffle. Perhaps it had been the time after my first experiment, or perhaps it was the time after I had been taken into solitary confinement for the first time. Or any other myriad of things that could have potentially upset a very young Charoite. But my mother had managed to comfort me with her near silence. Merely allowing me to lay on her lap as she stroked my hair. After a while, she whispered, “Ana, it’ll be okay, my love. I promise.”

When Ishtar called me Ana, let the word slip from her lips as we practised combining our energies, I had to take a step back and recall the memory in all its essence. Ishtar had told me that when she went into my mind to draw out my memories of my mother, she had seen it like a bright wisp.

“It was the brightest thing I’ve ever seen,” She had told me with a comforting smile. “That’s rare, you know. It’s really rare and really powerful.” It had done nothing to comfort me at the time but it felt like a comforting thought now. If all I had left of my mother was a small memory, I was glad that it shone bright among everything else.

“You okay?” Ishtar asked her when I stood in a daze for a moment, recalling my mother. It was a phrase that we had both become very familiar with in the past two weeks. Every once in a while, one of us would ask the other, “You okay? You alright?” because the other would stop, would breathe too heavily for a moment, would look too panicked, too confused. For me, I was plagued by thoughts of my mother that I didn’t want to share with anyone, not even Ishtar. I lay awake at night tossing and turning as I tried to remember exactly what she looked like. So far I had little more than hair that looked almost exactly like mine. I couldn’t even recall the shade of purple that her eyes had been. But I remembered her voice – how calming it was. It must have been my favourite thing about her as a child – the soft, melodic voice. It felt like the only thing I had to hold on to these days.

I hope you guys enjoyed that! Are any of you doing camp NaNoWriMo this time around? And if so, how is your writing going so far? Let me know!

NaNoWriMo Week 3, Things Get Tough!

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Hello friends! It’s the end of week three of NaNoWriMo and almost the beginning of the final week. I had so much college work to do and work work to do that I had a fairly tough third week. I was behind for a large majority, but on Friday, I got 6,000 words written to catch up on the word count. I’m at that point in the novel, where I’m focusing on the climax (my protagonist is finding things out! important things!) but because I didn’t plan out everything too well ahead of time, it’s a bit difficult to get the words out how I want them to; or at all, really. I hope your week threes and final weeks are better than mine!

Here’s a short extract from my week’s writings:

It began raining and we stood there for what felt like hours with the rain pouring down on us. I thought of Mira, felt the emptiness reopen in my heart and I suppose he thought of his dying sister inside the house. He brushed away my tears with his fingertips and kissed me on the lips, as if that could make anything better. But I kissed him back and I suppose for a while I forgot about Mira and he forgot about his dying sister, and we merely stood there, engulfed in each other.

Let me know how your novels are going and best of luck with the final week of NaNo, whether you’re behind or way ahead on word count, there’s still time to make it!

NaNoWriMo Week Two!

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Hey fellow writers and readers! How’s week two of NaNoWriMo going for you guys? I’m struggling to stay on point, to be perfectly honest but still manage to meet the word count everyday so far. Week 3 is going to be a tough one!

I’ve been doing something different for my novel this year, where I’m not writing chronologically. I’m finding it difficult in some ways, and a lot easier in others. Like I feel like I’m never stuck for long because I can always go somewhere else and write a totally new scene or introduce something brand new. But then sometimes I just completely lose the plot! Do you guys write chronologically or are you guys writing all mixed-up like me this time?

Here’s a short excerpt from my week’s writings:

I learned more about his life that day than he ever did about mine. He informed me of his wife, a fellow educator like him – a schoolteacher – named Julia, and his two kids. “They’re not too much younger than you,” He said to me, though I suppose he misjudged my age, took me to be much younger than I actually was at the time. His children, named Sarah and Noah, were nineteen and fifteen respectively. He spoke freely about his line of work, he was a professor of economics at one of the biggest universities in our nation. He claimed to love the work he did, though his students often frustrated him. “It’s difficult when not everybody has the love of education as you do,” He told me with a smile. “You know what I’m talking about.” Perhaps I would have agreed with him when I was younger, when I was still being educated by him. But I had grown out of my childhood curiosities. I had realised that there were more important things in the world than the simple thirst for knowledge. Knowledge, I learned, was not all I had thought it to be. It is what you do with your knowledge that makes a difference. With Mr. – Dr. – Ashton’s knowledge, he educated students about national economics. He said that he played a role in the fast advancing economy of our nation, he was consulted often about the technological advances and played a significant role in such things.

My knowledge leads me to my own downfall. My knowledge leads me to the very depths of my worst nightmares. It leaves me incompetent and afraid. “There are so many things you can do to help,” Mira had told me one day, “You’re a brave soul, you can help.” But I never helped. I failed Mira as I had failed my own mother and dad. I failed Kerry, I failed Mr. Ashton. I failed so many people in my life, yet my mind is full of knowledge that helps nobody.

NaNoWriMo Week One Update Post

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Hey NaNoers and non-NaNoers alike! Just wanted to give a quick update of how this NaNoWriMo is going. I’ve had a pretty successful first week and I’m actually a day ahead on wordcount right now. Hopefully this success will continue on for the next 3 weeks too. I hope everybody else’s NaNoWriMo is going well, too? Let me know!

Here’s a short excerpt from what I wrote today:

It was three weeks of restless sleep and loneliness before I saw her again. Like last time, she was swimming in the ocean and I watched, approaching slowly, carefully; afraid that I would scare her off like I did the last time. She looked so carefree in the sea, like she was so at one with the world, like she had no worries weighing her down. But when she finally turned around and saw me, there was a sadness in her eyes. I waved from where I stood at the shore and for a moment I could see the hesitance as she stood still in the ocean. Finally, she began to slowly swim towards me, her strokes slow and still hesitant but she finally came to a rest at a safe distance from me. She asked, “what are you doing here again?” and I became even more scared that she would disappear again before I had the chance to speak to her, to find out about her.

“I’ve been looking for you,” I said to her slowly. “I’ve been wondering about you.” She frowned at that. “You shouldn’t wonder about me, or look for me. You should forget about me.”

“Are you a ghost?” I asked her and she smiled her sad smile. “You’re a very curious person,” she told me. “Around here, curiosity is not going to be good for you. Especially not when you’re in the ocean.”

“I wasn’t planning to go into the ocean very often,” I said. “I just come here because I wanted to ask you… about who you are, about what you are.” She sighed, “I don’t know if I can answer that.” Then it was my turn to sigh.

“It’s not a very difficult question to answer,” I told her. “I’ll go first, look. Hi, my name is Alex and I’m a human. Your turn.” She smiled again, the same sad smile, “Hi, my name is Mira and I’m a secret.”

“Who’s secret?” I asked then.

“The world’s secret.” She replied.

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