After All

September 11, 2016 § 2 Comments

Words of platitude
against my grief
wash over me in waves.
It’s easier to ignore,
become cocooned in misery
‘til I’m black and blue
both inside and out.

I’m too busy with remembrance –
your fragrance on my pillow,
sharp and sweet.
Your taste on my tongue,
fast fading.
And their words fall to deaf ears.
I am numb to all
but the warmth of your jacket
wrapped around my shoulders.

I can imagine you and I,
our futures forever intertwined –
too easily.

They tell me, “it’s okay,”
but I’ve forgotten what that means.
They say, “you’ll forget”
but I hang on to every moment.
every word. every breath.
every sigh. every kiss.
I want to etch into my skin –
a tattoo I can’t unsee.
A memory for the ages.

Years after when your name
has faded from my lips,
your face, all but forgotten.
I’ll find this jacket
at the bottom of my wardrobe,
wrinkled and worn.
For a moment, I’ll see a flash
of our days past – faded,
I’ll think, “it’s just a jacket,
after all,”
not the warmth of your body
any more.


photo credit: Head Full Of Doubt, Road Full Of Promise via photopin (license)





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