August 30, 2016 § Leave a comment

In the aftermath

I ask myself

“how long are these wounds

going to last?

Was it worth it, after all?”


Questions I should have thought of

before you had set in

to my skin like scars.


These days, my thought last

into the deep hours of the night

Tossing, turning – I am breathless.

My open wounds sting

like salt on my flesh.


In the mid-morning sun

I am heavy with sleep,

and I ask myself,

“how long ’til I heal?”


By evening, I have shrouded this persona.

Unbreakable, immovable.

Concealed all my scars ’til I’m skeletal –

no skin. No signs of you in me.

In the mirror  I am bare –

faceless, lifeless.

On the inside, my scars

throb like my beating heart

that I cannot conceal.


I ask myself, “how long, how long?”

’til I’ve lost my voice

to the depths of the night,

but in the morning

you are slowly fading,

and I think,

“is it worth it, to lose you?”

28520047975_01e37bb787 photo credit: icy via photopin (license)



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