Good Times, and the Bad

August 19, 2016 § Leave a comment

I remember once, a few years ago, I told a friend about how disappointed I was that I had been getting no writing done. After all, it was the summer holidays, and while during the school term I had the excuse of y’know, homework, study, and exams, there was nothing to stop me from pursuing my writing over the three month long summer holidays.

My friend said to me that sometimes you get drained as a writer. And you need the time to actually dawdle and come back to it. At the time, I was much younger. I didn’t quite understand it. I was still adamantly annoyed at myself – at my lack of motivation and self-discipline. I’m sure I spent hours over my writing notebook trying to get the words out. Hours that would have probably been better spent elsewhere.

Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes you absolutely need to just sit down and write, no matter your lack of motivation or inspiration. Sometimes that’s just what necessary. But what my friend told me about being drained is also true. There are times where you just need to give yourself a pass, and take an extended break. notes-514998_960_720

I’m telling you this because… you guessed it! I needed an extended break, because I was drained. I basically spent a month writing accessively. Not just working on a new project, but also doing collaborative and freelance work – along with my normal, everyday teaching job. Safe to say, afterwards I was wrecked, and I didn’t even really realise it.

This past while, I’ve been trying to take it slower. I’m working on some writing, but it’s been very unsteady. I do want to come back to this blog, because ever since I started it, I’ve always felt comfortable coming back here and writing – no matter how long I’ve left it (And I’ve left it for quite a while in a few instances!).

But in any case, this wasn’t just for me. I guess if you’re a writer too, or an artist of any kind, and you’ve been having a bit of a dry spell… don’t feel too disheartened. Take a deserved break and hopefully you’ll come back feeling much better.


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