The Instant Gratification of Novel Writing

May 30, 2016 § 2 Comments

I think for anybody who is an avid writer, the realisation that there is no instant gratification in writing is pretty obvious. There are no shortcuts in it, no matter how high and low you search for them. To have completed pieces of work in front of you, you need to sit down and actually write. And after that you need to edit. And then you probably need to re-write. Edit again. So on and so forth. There is nothing quick and easy about it.

So it can get a little bit frustrating when this exact skill of being a writer seems to completely fly over the heads of other people, no matter how much you try to explain this detail to them. People who expect novels to come out willy-nilly as if you can extract them out of thin air (I wish I could!), without a second thought.


When people talk about the “gifts” and “talents” required for things like writing or art… I feel they also indulge in this idea of instant gratification. Yes, there is such a thing as talent, but honing in talent also requires a lot of sweat, blood and tears; hours of hard work and concentration. I know people are trying to be supportive, which I appreciate, but it’s a bit difficult to be appreciative when people expect you to be producing work without encouraging you to actually put in the time.

Has anybody had similar experiences with people?


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§ 2 Responses to The Instant Gratification of Novel Writing

  • I completely understand and that is why I still haven’t got a novel written yet… I play about with a bit of poetry and writing on my blog and wish I wasn’t so lazy, uninspired, so lacking in confidence…


    • secretly-broken says:

      I think it’s one of the reasons why writing is so difficult. Sometimes, the stories are there, but getting them out the way we want them just isn’t that easy!


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