Middle of the road

May 23, 2016 § 2 Comments

Writing is kind of like a journey. Sometimes, you know the destination. You know exactly where your characters are headed. You can’t wait until you get there. You get impatient. You take short-cuts to get there faster. Sometimes, the destination is irrelevant when you begin. It’s about the journey, the exploration. You’ll figure out the destination along the way.9354795341_c70a62843c_n

And on the road, your characters learn, they change, they grow. Whether you know the destination or not, the journey itself changes everything.

But like with journeys, the middle of the road is perhaps the most difficult. You’ve been at it for hours, days, weeks… you want the results already!

Right now, I’m in the “middle of the road” of my current writing project, and its difficult to pick up the momentum, to keep the excitement of the beginning where my writing seemed to flow so freely. I’m beginning to let the doubts seep in, to begin scrutinising every word and sentence. It’s difficult to stop that. But sometimes you have to let the destination motivate you.

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