Dear Anger

April 24, 2016 § Leave a comment

Dear anger,

I try to hold you still and quiet,

to whisper in my soothing tone

’til you’ve gone far away,

but god, you’re so stubborn

and you nibble at my skin

like it’s a hot summer day

and I’m wearing an itchy jumper

that makes my skin prickle

and sweat stick to my back.

And I try to hold you back, still,

I try to open my mouth wide

to a grin that makes my lip split

until a trickle of blood appears,

and still the smile stays on

as if I have taped the corners of my mouth.

But anger, you are persistent –

the more I whisper in my soothing voice,

the more I hear you in my head

and it’s not a loud scream,

just a rush of nonsense that makes my head hurt,

a barrage of booming voices growing louder and louder

’til I realise I’m not wearing my smile

and the booming voice in my head

is slipping out of my own tongue

and anger, dear anger,

you’ve seduced me.


Poem inspired by this prompt:


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