Extract from The Death of Mira

September 17, 2015 § Leave a comment

When we emerged to the surface finally, there was a stillness in the night. I shivered from the cold and Mira held me close tdeath of mira covero her body. In that moment, I could so easily imagine this – our lives drawn together forever – blissfully living in the ocean. I didn’t fear it anymore – not when it was home to the person I loved the most in the world. Not when she trusted it with such intensity. I couldn’t fear it anymore. I still wasn’t comfortable with it but there was certainly no fear instilled in me anymore. But I suppose bliss ends as quickly as it begins – perhaps to balance out the universe, although I don’t believe in things like that anymore. Maybe I did back then, when I was young and in love and naïve. I am still in love, but simply have an entirely different perspective of the world – a perspective that is always changing and never settling.

That night, Mira and I were happy – we were peaceful. I felt at peace. I felt more loved and more comfortable than I had in my entire life. But it was taken away as soon as it had come. We turned back to the shore for me to go home and for Mira to see me off. But as soon as I gingerly stepped onto the sand – before I could even turn back to Mira, before either of us could utter a goodbye – they came out of nowhere. Everything was a blur. Nothing made sense. There were voices and blackness and I tried to fight off whatever – whoever – it was that was touching my hands, dragging me away. I could feel the sand against my legs, against my feet. It hurt to be screaming against it and I screamed but there was a hand over my mouth. I couldn’t scream. There was a scream trapped inside my body and there was darkness everywhere.


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