Extract from the novel I’m currently working on…

July 21, 2015 § Leave a comment

Hey guys! So in my last post, I let you know that I had started work on a sequel to one of my NaNoWrimo novels and so far it’s been going well. I’m pretty happy with it. So here’s the opening few paragraphs from it:

The first time Ishtar called me “Ana,” as we traversed between each other’s minds and I attempted to teach her the tricks that my mother had taught me once upon a time, I recalled a memory that made me a little sad. The the Causememory was nothing complicated, probably the simplest memory my mind has retained. After all, it was retained by a child’s mind, barely developed. It’s a memory of the science facility, but a surprisingly pleasant one. In it, I remember the whitewashed walls of the science facility and the dim glow of the light above me. And I remember lying on my mother’s lap as she ran her fingers through mine. I had been crying because my eyes were puffy and red, and every once in a while I would stop and sniffle. Perhaps it had been the time after my first experiment, or perhaps it was the time after I had been taken into solitary confinement for the first time. Or any other myriad of things that could have potentially upset a very young Charoite. But my mother had managed to comfort me with her near silence. Merely allowing me to lay on her lap as she stroked my hair. After a while, she whispered, “Ana, it’ll be okay, my love. I promise.”

When Ishtar called me Ana, let the word slip from her lips as we practised combining our energies, I had to take a step back and recall the memory in all its essence. Ishtar had told me that when she went into my mind to draw out my memories of my mother, she had seen it like a bright wisp.

“It was the brightest thing I’ve ever seen,” She had told me with a comforting smile. “That’s rare, you know. It’s really rare and really powerful.” It had done nothing to comfort me at the time but it felt like a comforting thought now. If all I had left of my mother was a small memory, I was glad that it shone bright among everything else.

“You okay?” Ishtar asked her when I stood in a daze for a moment, recalling my mother. It was a phrase that we had both become very familiar with in the past two weeks. Every once in a while, one of us would ask the other, “You okay? You alright?” because the other would stop, would breathe too heavily for a moment, would look too panicked, too confused. For me, I was plagued by thoughts of my mother that I didn’t want to share with anyone, not even Ishtar. I lay awake at night tossing and turning as I tried to remember exactly what she looked like. So far I had little more than hair that looked almost exactly like mine. I couldn’t even recall the shade of purple that her eyes had been. But I remembered her voice – how calming it was. It must have been my favourite thing about her as a child – the soft, melodic voice. It felt like the only thing I had to hold on to these days.

I hope you guys enjoyed that! Are any of you doing camp NaNoWriMo this time around? And if so, how is your writing going so far? Let me know!


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