We’re sailing on an ocean heading for nowhere…

September 15, 2014 § Leave a comment

… and I don’t care!

Thankfully, not quite headed for nowhere at the moment. I just wanted to make a post that was quick update on s1409774294067tuff because I feel like this blog has been dead for quite a while now. I’m back from Bangladesh from my quite long summer visit there (which was pretty wonderful, to say the least). But now I am getting ready to move countries (!!!) from Ireland to England to start my masters programme. So things have been pretty hectic.

In other news, I have recently graduated from my undergrad in English and History which is kind of a milestone, I guess. Hopefully, once I am all settle in at England, starting up my masters, I will have some time to begin the writing process again.

I have been dwelling on a lot of stuff over the summer. I have a lot of ideas about editing and rewriting past stuff (mostly, The Stroke of Midnight aka. my 2nd NaNo), along with some new ideas (a satirical novella and a sci-fi novel??). A lot of stuff that I have never really tried before and am super excited to get started on again. Hopefully, I will be NaNoing again once November starts up and will get a lot of actual writing down on paper instead of simply having thoughts of writing in my head. I have also read a lot of books over the summer (20+), some which I have liked, some loved and some hated. So expect to see some of my musings on these books in the near future. Also follow me on goodreads to follow my reading updates if you so wish! 🙂

Lastly! And most importantly! If anybody is interested in participating in a blog hop, please comment here or use the contact me page to reach me. 


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