Musings on Pages For You

May 24, 2014 § Leave a comment

 Sylvia Brownrigg’s “Pages For You” can be summed up as a romance between college student, Flannery, and her teaching assistant, Anne. Unfortunately, that is all the book essentially is. I skimmed through most of it pretty fast, which was unfortunate. I was really excited to read the book, I thought it was something right up my alley, but the book just bored me. The writing was decent and I enjoyed reading it for the first half of the book. But as the book continued, I just lost all interest. It was uninteresting to constantly hear Flannery talk about how great Anne was, how pretty, smart, sexy, etc, etc… for basically every chapter. I soon found both Anne and Flannery to be a little irritating. Neither of them were interesting characters to read. I feel like some authors can get away with writing a book that’s not focused on a plot, but to pull that off you do need aesthetic writing and a character driven approach. Unfortunately, this book had neither of those things. The writing was far from bad, but it wasn’t good enough to make up for what the novel lacked. All in all, I didn’t hate the book, I was just immensely bored of it.


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