A Shakespearean Globe

May 16, 2013 § Leave a comment


This is probably a long overdue post that never got written because I’m lazy and have been incredibly busy with my college schedule. In any case, I wanted to write about my wonderful, amazing trip to the Shakespeare’s Globe and I’m going to do that, even if that trip happened sometime in December.

In any case, during my Christmas holidays from college, my brother and I traversed to the wonderful city of London and viewed some great sights, my favourite of which happened to be the Globe Theatre, unsurprisingly!


The place is rather glorious and, although a reconstruction of the original theatre which was burnt down a few decades ago, quite authentic to look at! Unfortunately, the theatre only stages plays in the summer so my new goal in life is to travel to London one summer and watch a Shakespearean play in the Globe (preferably Hamlet, but I’ll take any!)

Our little tour of the theatre gave us may little insights into the productions that happen in the theatre – the most exciting of which is the audience involvement that often occurs in certain few plays (I think the Merchant of Venice was one of them).

Unsurprisingly, I made a little bit of an investment in the Globe’s gift shop, buying myself a wonderful Shakespeare poster, along with some bookmarks and key-chains  What I really wanted was a skull that they had on display but unfortunately, it was much too expensive. But of course, upon seeing the skull I had to exclaim “Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him well!” My brother, who is neither a fan of literature, not someone who has read Hamlet, was left in confusion.


One quite interesting thing: whilst leaving the theatre we noticed many photographs in the exit hallway. Upon reading the plaques of these photos we discovered that they commemorated the World Shakespeare festival, which seemed incredibly intriguing. Unfortunate that I’d only heard about it then. But one of the photos was taken in my own home country: Bangladesh, where the Tempest was performed. That just really excited me, and still does! Shakespeare in Bengali! I would love to see it sometime!

Anyway, that’s about it for my gushing about the Globe. I definitely urge you to visit the place if you’re a lover of Shakespeare and literature like myself. And I do hope to watch a play there someday in the near future (which will lead to another gushing blog post, I’m sure)!


If any of you have visited the Globe, what were your thoughts and experiences? And what’s your favourite Shakespeare play?! I’m ashamed to say I’ve only read three so far (Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer Night’s Dream). I’ve read some of King Richard III but not much of it. I really want to read Macbeth!


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