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words amble around

my closed lips –

I await,

mind racing racing ahead,

lips sealed shut in wait


“Waiting for

Godot” – they told me

no reason

nor a thought

ever spared to anyone

but yourself – only

I never

understood Beckett –

his words lost

meaningless –

as I wish you were to me

waiting for you – still


I express

myself in verses,

not love song,

common tune –

Rather heartfelt confusion

about you and I

A coward –

I can’t speak aloud

my true thoughts

–only think

of words that escape my lips

for now and ever

I am fool

to think you’ll come back

with words on

your sweet lips

of you and I together –

a faraway dream.



thoughts I pull closer –

together –

all stitched up –

in a mind closed away – now

tiring of this wait.

A Shadorma for the 23rd day of NaPoWriMo. Technically 7 of them joined up into one whole poem. Wrote this in the middle of the night so it’s a bit all over the place and in need of editing!


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