Dead Romance

April 9, 2013 § Leave a comment

I’m glad the romance is gone from our lives

now that we’re building walls in-between our houses,

facing locked doors instead of open arms –

Did you forget what you once told me,

clasping my fingers in yours

as we danced to the melody of our song,

or were they simply empty words

with our entire lives a lie all along?


Let me tell you dear,

I won’t soon forget the sound of your voice

or the look in your eyes when you said

‘I love you,’ the words

rolling off your tongue so effortlessly,

And I’ll remember our hands on the piano keys,

fingers dancing the tune of love,

Oh, but won’t you forgive me please


If I tell you my regrets

of forgetting to love you back,

for turning back, going astray,

for repeating empty words in return?

I’ll say I’m sorry someday,

pen it in the back of a postcard

and slip it under your door

because facing you with her is too hard.


But really, I’m glad the romance is dead,

that your heart belong to another now,

while I pick up broken pieces of my life,

tune my voice to sing my own song once more,

watch your love unfold from the sidelines –

the walls we broke down with each other

we’ll build up once more –

and open up our arms for another.


Here’s a L’arora for the 9th day of NaPoWriMo! A lengthy one to follow up all of those rather short poems! This was a pretty simple form with a rather easy rhyme-scheme. There were very little constrictions, which was pretty nice for such a long poem.


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