October 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

I was on the radio the other week, reading my poem “Salt”. If anybody wants to hear it, you can listen here! And the full radio broadcast (which was awesome) is here!

And here is my poem (which was also published in the e-zine Outburst):


You never did apologize for that day
I fell and you laughed while pouring
salt on my wounds, rubbing it red and
raw until I screamed and screamed but
you didn’t stop or apologize, just rubbed
and rubbed so I cried ‘stop! stop!’ and
you stopped and stared at me- through
me- before turning and walking away,
leaving me to drown in my own suffering.

But the next day we met
and you smiled past my
wound, blaming the
footpath for everything
because after all, that
is where I fell and bled
and the salt must have
been merely a figment
of my imagination.


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