Musings on Fight Club

June 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

The first rule about fight club is you don’t talk about fight club.

For my 18th birthday, back in January, my friends threw me a book-themed party (which was a fantastic party, just for the record) which, of course, resulted in me having many, many books in my bookshelf which I received as presents but never actually got around to reading. Fight Club was among one of the books, and the second book that I got around to reading this summer.

I have to say that I wasn’t completely unfamiliar with Fight Club before I began to read the book. I had watched the movie about a year ago, and thoroughly enjoyed it. As book adaptations of movies tend to be less than adequate at most times, I had quite high hopes for Chuck Palahniuk as I delved into the first few pages and I must say that I was not disappointed in the least.

I fell in love with Palahniuk’s writing almost immediately. He has a way of writing that’s extremely fast-paced and immediate. It makes you feel like you’re in the moment and allows you to connect with both the storylines and the characters. Palahniuk writes with a unique, captivating style that is perfect for this suspenseful thriller. I definitely look forward to reading more of Palahniuk’s books, and hope that his writing style in Fight Club is something that carries over to his other works.

Aside from the writing, the plot itself is fairly brilliant. Following the thought-process of an unnamed narrator, Fight Club unfolds the story of regular people who unload their stresses and worries in an underground fight club.

You aren’t alive anywhere like you’re alive at fight club. When it’s you and one other guy under that one light in the middle of all those watching. Fight Club isn’t about winning or losing fights. Fight Club isn’t about words. 

The movie adaptation is probably one of the best book-to-movie adaptations I have watched. Though it lacks Palahniuk’s writing style which was a large part of why I enjoyed reading Fight Club, it manages to stay true to the book without being a mundane copy of the book in film-form. It captures that fast-paced immediacy of the book. Not to mention the fact that Helena Bonham Carter, Edward Norton and Brad Pitt play their roles absolutely fantastically and convincingly in this adaptation. I went back and re-watched the movie after I finished the book, wanting to give it a fair evaluation. I still had little to no complaints. It’s a brilliant movie adaptation of a brilliant book.

Have you guys read/watched Fight Club? What are your thoughts on it?


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