Camp NaNoWriMo Week 2-3

August 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

I haven’t been very up-to-date with blogging about my camp nanowrimo journey! Well, here’s an attempt at pretending to be up-to-date.

Week 2 went by quite sluggishly. From the very beginning of it I was rather sick (Okay, I lie. It’s called being a woman and dying of cramps!). It was difficult to really concentrate on writing for the first couple of days of week 2 but I somehow managed to plough on and reach my daily word count each day (let’s ignore the fact that per day my writing quality went down by a notch!). Overall, week 2 really wasn’t much better than week 1. It was rather painful to get through.

Week 3 was much, much better. I guess I was quite nervous about my upcoming results so I tried to forget about my nerves through writing. The writing came a lot easier. After I got my results, I was very relieved. It was a little bit hectic with celebrations and college applications, etc. but I managed to get a fair bit written everyday and kept on top of my word count!

Hopefully Week 4 will be met with success!

I realise that my novel will probably need a lot more than a mere 50,000 words to be complete. I mean… I’m at 35,000 words and I’m not even at my halfway point! So maybe I’ll keep up this 1,667 words a day up even after camp is over. I honestly don’t want to leave finishing this until November because I’m pretty bad at picking up things after leaving them for months. Also, I have two other novel ideas for November and I’m really excited to get them written so I don’t want to finish this as my NaNo novel.

Anyway, here’s hoping for a successful week 4!


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