Week One

August 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

The first week of camp nanowrimo has been a bit of a dull ache for me. Let me elaborate. It started off on a very good note. I was excited to jump into my novel, to flesh out some 3-dimensional characters and an interesting plot. That’s not exactly how it went however. Day 1, for the most part was good. I wrote a fair amount and what I wrote, though not good, was not utterly atrocious.

It was Day 2 really when the trouble began. Everything began to seem like a big pile of… blah. The characters were disgustingly boring, as was the plot. I ploughed on somehow but during Day 3 everything just became even more bland. Day 4 wasn’t much better.

However, on Day 5 I realised that perhaps the blah-ness of my writing was not entirely the fault of my writing. As an attempt to inspire and motivate myself, I picked up my copy of It by Stephen King and began to read from where I had last stopped. But I couldn’t get into the book. I felt like everything was going over my head even though I really didn’t want it to. And what had seemed like a gripping plot only days ago had somehow turned into almost as bad a plot as the one that my novel had. The characters too seemed lifeless and boring. What I realised was that my mind was apparently stuck in this feeling of blandness and I couldn’t get it unstuck. It wasn’t my writing (even though elements of my writing is probably very bland) and it definitely isn’t Stephen King.

Yesterday, again, I was reading It and a lot of the excitement of the book came back to me. I was drawn into the story once more, I was excited by the characters and all that they did. My cloak of blandness was finally subsiding.

Thankfully, this morning when I began to write, the words flowed. I didn’t feel like everything I wrote was utter crap anymore. I felt excited to work on this novel once more, to discover the characters and the story for the first time. The blandness isn’t completely gone but the fact that it’s subsiding is definitely very good news.

So week 1 was definitely no picnic for me but my plot is picking up and my mind feels a lot less cluttered. I feel like I can think and write a lot more freely than I could in a long time. So hopefully week 2 will be better than week 1.


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